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Reporting an EMERGENCY within the Capitol Complex

From a LANDLINE, dial 911


From a CELL PHONE within the Capitol Complex:


      U.S. House of Representatives             (202) 225-0911

      U.S. Senate                                           (202) 224-0911

      Library of Congress                               (202) 707-7111

Non-Emergency Police Services on the Capitol Campus (24 hours a day)

(202) 224-5151


Lost and Found

(202) 225-4200

Public Information Office

(202) 224-1677 or


Watch Commander's Office 

(202) 224‐0908


(202) 593-4236 or

Credentialing and Background Investigations 

(202) 593‐4236 or


Office of Human Resources (Employment, Employment Verification, Benefits Information)

(202) 593‐3370; (202) 593‐3663 (fax)


Compliments about USCP


Complaints about USCP personnel (Office of Professional Responsibility) 

(202) 512-2170, (202) 512-2153 (fax), or


Office of Inspector General

HOTLINE: Toll Free 1‐866‐906‐2446

Automated Telephone System

(202) 228-0117

Toll Free: 1-877-USCP-111 (1-877-872-7111) 

Provides recorded information regarding:
Capitol Visitor Center and U.S. Capitol Tours (option 1)
Significant Road Closures on U.S. Capitol Grounds (option 2)
Deliveries to the Capitol, House, and Senate Office Buildings (option 3)
Commercial Bus Restrictions on U.S. Capitol Grounds (option 4)
Special Events on U.S. Capitol Grounds (option 5)
Operating Status of Legislative Branch /Federal Government in Washington Metropolitan Area (option 6)


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