Police Officer Selection Process

Applicants meeting the minimum requirements of the position may be selected to move forward in the hiring process. The USCP is looking for individuals who display the upmost level of integrity, honesty, maturity, and commitment to serve the public. Applicants who provide false or misleading information during any phase of the hiring process will be permanently disqualified.  

Candidates are strongly encouraged to create a profile in the USCP's career site, APEX, after completing their initial application.  By creating a profile, candidates will be able to respond to invitations, upload documents, and apply to other vacancies.  

Pre-Employment Screening  

Candidates will be required to submit an Authorization for Release of Information form and additional information via a Personal History Statement (PHS).  The information provided, along with a review of a candidate's credit, criminal history, and their driving record, will be reviewed.  

The Peace Officer Background Investigation Tracking System (POBITS) is an automated system used by investigators to efficiently manage background investigations.  Candidates will receive an e-mail from the POBITS system, where they will be instructed to provide their PHS.  

Initial Assessment Phase

Following the pre-employment screening, candidates may be invited to participate in the Initial Assessment Phase of the USCP hiring process.  All facets of the Initial Assessment Phase will be conducted virtually at a location of their choice. This phase consists of an Orientation and Police Officer Selection Test (POST).  The Initial Assessment Phase measures a candidate’s initial suitability for the position of Police Officer.  It also provides the applicant with an overview of the USCP and its hiring process. 

The Initial Assessment Phase consists of two components:  

1.  Orientation Session - An overview of the USCP mission, hiring process, training, and employment opportunities.

2.  Written Exam - The Police Officer Selection Test (POST) will test the candidate's knowledge of basic math, reading, and grammar. A passing score of at least 70 percent must be obtained in each section.

The Orientation and POST will require candidates to use a video conferencing system.

NOTEAll online portions of the hiring process will require the use of a desktop or laptop computer.  The use of cell phones and tablets will NOT be allowed for video conferencing.  It is highly recommended that all candidates become familiar with the use of their computer's webcam and microphone.

Applicants who successfully complete the Initial Assessment Phase will be issued a Conditional Offer of Employment, and will enter the Examination Phase of the hiring process.

Examination Phase

The Examination Phase consists of psychological, medical, and polygraph examinations. This will be the candidate's first required visit to our offices in Washington, D.C., during the hiring process.  Efforts will be made to schedule these examinations consecuttively to eliminate return visits to complete the examinations.  

  • Psychological - Candidates complete a battery of psychological assessments and a clinical interview. The psychological examination will last approximately four to six hours. Candidates are encouraged to be well rested and to eat prior to the examination.
    • The psychological exam will occur online and require the use of a desktop or laptop computer, camera, and microphone.  
  • Medical - The medical examination will determine if a candidate is medically qualified to perform the functional requirements of the job. Candidates will be required to fast (abstain from food) prior to the medical examination.
  • Polygraph - The polygraph examination is used to confirm information obtained through the selection process. Candidates are encouraged to:
    • Arrive early.
    • Avoid alcohol prior to the examination.
    • Eat a well-balanced meal and be well rested.
    • Continue taking any prescribed medication.  
    • Notify their assigned investigator 24 hours prior to the examination of any illness, pregnancy, or traumatic life events.
  • Physical Readiness Test (PRT) - The PRT consists of three events:  a timed 300-meter run, push-up test, and a 1.5 mile run. Candidates are required to certify they will be able to achieve or surpass the minimum standards based on their age and gender identity. 

Background Investigation

The final phase of the selection process requires candidates to undergo a full background investigation that will include a thorough review and verification of the candidate’s employment history; employer, residential, and personal references; in-depth criminal and credit history, and academic records.  

Due to the significant number of applications received and the competitive nature of this process, passing all phases may not guarantee an applicant is issued an offer of employment.


Upon obtaining a final offer of employment, new employees will be required to complete their new hire paperwork using the link provided in the final offer letter. All questions regarding the new hire paperwork should be directed to the Human Resources representative who extended the offer of employment.


The United States Capitol Police is an equal opportunity employer.  All applicants will be considered without discrimination based on national origin, race, religion, sex (including marital or parental status), disability, age, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.