No Advertising, Vending, or Soliciting on U.S. Capitol Grounds

Exploring the U.S. Capitol Grounds is a picturesque and inviting part of visiting Washington, D.C.

However, there are a number of rules and regulations that must be observed while on the U.S. Capitol Grounds.  This includes a prohibition of commercial advertising, the selling of any goods, or soliciting.

Section 5104 of Title 40 of the United States Code defines unlawful activities on United States Capitol Grounds, and in the U.S. Capitol and Congressional Buildings. Section 5104 expressly prohibits firearms and dangerous weapons explosives, or incendiary devices; obstructing roads; violent entry or disorderly conduct; and injuries to property.

Section 5104(c) also prohibits the sale of articles, displaying signs, and solicitations. Specifically, a person may not carry out any of the following activities on the U.S. Capitol Grounds:

    (1) offer or expose any item for sale.

    (2) display a sign, placard, or other form of advertising.

    (3) solicit fares, alms, subscriptions, or contributions.

The U.S. Capitol Police has the primary responsibility for enforcing these prohibitions. 

Not all signs and placards are prohibited on U.S. Capitol Grounds, only those that constitute advertising.