Getting to Capitol Hill

There are multiple transportation methods to get to and from Capitol Hill. These include, but are not limited to, Metro, walking, bicycle, automobile, bus, and taxicab.  Please see the below information for more details about the various means of transportation.

Metro (subway)

There are three Metro stops within walking distance of Capitol Hill:

  • Capitol South – Located at First Street between C and D Streets, SE
  • Federal Center, SW – Located at the southwest corner of Third and D Streets, SW
  • Union Station – Located at First Street, NW, and Massachusetts Avenue 

For more information about riding the Metro, please visit


The United States Capitol Complex is located at the far eastern end of the National Mall. For navigational ease, the U.S. Capitol is bordered by Constitution Avenue to the north, Independence Avenue to the south, and First Streets, to the east and west.   


Bike racks are located on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol; by each of the House Office Buildings; between the Russell and Dirksen Senate Office Buildings; and near the entrance to the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center along First Street, SE, and First Street, NE. 


There is minimal public parking available near Capitol Hill. The nearest public parking facility is at Union Station, to the north of Capitol Hill. Metered street parking can be found along the Mall to the west of the Capitol Complex and along South Capitol Street, south of Capitol Hill. 


The Metrobus system has multiple routes that include stops near the U.S. Capitol. For more information about riding Metrobus, please visit

The DC Circulator (National Mall Route) includes stops near the U.S. Capitol. For more information about the DC Circulator, please visit

Tour Bus Route and Commercial Bus Restrictions on U.S. Capitol Grounds

All commercial buses, including mini-buses and school buses, are prohibited from accessing the following areas on U.S. Capitol Grounds (this policy does not affect public transit buses or sightseeing trolleys):

  • Independence Ave., between Washington Ave., SW, and 2nd Street, SE
  • Constitution Ave., between Louisiana Ave., NW, and 2nd Street, NE
  • 1st Street between D Street, NE, and D Street, SE
  • 1st Street between Maryland Ave., and Independence Ave., SW
  • 2nd Street between D Street, NE, and D Street, SE

Tour bus operators must adhere to the following vehicle regulations:

Click here to view the tour bus route

Tour buses may ENTER U.S. Capitol Grounds at:

  • 3rd and Maryland Ave., SW
  • 3rd and Pennsylvania Ave., NW

Tour buses may EXIT U.S. Capitol Grounds at:

  • 3rd and Maryland Ave., SW
  • 3rd and Pennsylvania Ave., NW
  • 1st and Louisiana Ave., NW

LOADING and UNLOADING of passengers MUST occur at the east curb of:

  • 1st and Maryland Ave., SW (east curb of Garfield Circle)
  • 1st St., SW/NW between Pennsylvania and Maryland Avenues
  • 1st and Pennsylvania Ave., NW (east curb of Peace Circle)

Traversing Constitution Avenue, Independence Avenue, or First Street and Second Street, NE/SE, in front of the U.S. Capitol is prohibited. Tour bus standing, idling, or parking is not permitted. 

Vehicular Security Checkpoints may be activated at any time without notice. Please follow U.S. Capitol Police directions, posted street signs, and/or illuminated message boards to facilitate your visit to Capitol Hill.

Additional information can be obtained by calling the U.S. Capitol Police at (202) 224-1677 or by emailing