Enhanced Security Measures throughout Capitol Complex

January 14, 2021
Press Release

In preparation for the 59th Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies, the United States Capitol Police (USCP) has implemented a number of enhanced security measures across the U.S. Capitol Complex, including global fencing and street closures until further notice.

Be advised that the U.S. Capitol Complex is closed to the public, and the Capitol Grounds will not be accessible to the public on January 20, 2021.  Anyone attempting to unlawfully gain access to the Capitol Grounds by climbing a fence or any other unlawful means will be subject to an appropriate use of force and arrest. 

As part of the USCP’s enhanced security posture, the Department is coordinating the assistance of National Guard troops within the Capitol Complex as well as protective and response capabilities from law enforcement partners throughout the National Capital Region. 

“The Department appreciates the support and coordination of the U.S. National Guard as well as all of its law enforcement partners throughout the National Capital Region, in securing the 59th Inaugural Ceremonies,” said Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman. 

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