USCP Responds to Union's Planned No Confidence Vote

February 10, 2021
Press Release

A vote of no confidence is expected this week regarding multiple U.S. Capitol Police Department officials, including Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman. Though the vote does not compel any specific action, it does speak to the sentiment and concerns of some of our officers that our senior commanders are working to address. We do appreciate the letters of support we have received from the immediate past president of our fraternal order of police as well as the local Teamsters union.

Since the appointment of Acting Chief Pittman two days after the attack, she and her executive team took quick action to improve intelligence and operational communications with all officers. The team is also offering counseling and wellness support to all Department employees, including family members given the emotional toll so many are experiencing.

The events of January 6 were tragic and heartbreaking. Two of our own died and others were subjected to inexcusable violence during the attack. Since her appointment on January 8, Acting Chief Pittman has met with officers from every division and has grieved with the families and loved ones of our fallen. 

The entire USCP continues to work diligently to see to it that what happened on January 6 will never happen again, and that all officers will have the tools and resources they need, both personally and professionally. Much work remains, but we are moving swiftly to help each other heal and build on our collective successes.

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