United States Capitol Police Promotes New Assistant Chiefs and Deputy Chiefs

October 21, 2019
Press Release

Chief Steven A. Sund announced the promotion of personnel to the positions of Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief effective October 20, 2019. 

“These commanders are committed to our mission and to the Department.  The wealth of knowledge and experience they each bring to their new positions will assist us in continuing to raise the bar as we address new and emerging threats, ensure our operational readiness, and develop and implement new strategic goals and objectives,” said Chief Sund.


Office of the Assistant Chief of Police for Protective and Intelligence Operations:  
Assistant Chief Yogananda D. Pittman

Assistant Chief Pittman joined the USCP in April 2001, and graduated from FLETC in September 2001.  Her first USCP assignment was in the Senate Division where she provided security and protective details for U.S. Senators and visiting dignitaries.  In 2006, she was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was assigned to the Department’s Communications Division.  In January 2010, she was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the House Division. In 2012, Assistant Chief Pittman was one of the first African-American female supervisors to attain the rank of Captain.  While serving as Captain, she was assigned to the Capitol Division as the Executive Officer.  As a commander, she supervised more than 400 officers and civilians, and led the efforts to provide the security footprint for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.  In December 2015, Assistant Chief Pittman was promoted to Inspector, and was assigned to the Office of Accountability and Improvement where she was the Chief of Police’s designee in responding to all of the Department’s civilian and sworn disciplinary appeals and grievances. In June 2018, she was promoted to Deputy Chief and was named Bureau Commander for the Command and Coordination Bureau. 

Assistant Chief Pittman graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology in 1991.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, in May 2019.  She is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Public Administration from West Chester University.  She completed the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy in December 2018, and graduated from the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives’ CEO Mentoring Program in July 2018.


Office of the Assistant Chief of Police for Uniformed Operations:  
Assistant Chief Chad B. Thomas

Assistant Chief Thomas joined the USCP in April 1996. As a police officer, he served in both the House Division and the First Responders Unit. He went on to work as a special agent and later as a first-line supervisor with the Dignitary Protection Division. He subsequently held supervisory positions in the Special Events Unit and the Command Center.

As a senior manager, Assistant Chief Thomas was assigned to a number of diverse commands within the Department, including the Capitol Division, the Senate Division, the Hazardous Incident Response Division, and the Dignitary Protection Division. He also held administrative positions as an executive assistant to both the Chief of Operations and the Chief of Police, and he is a former commander of the USCP’s Crisis Negotiation Team.  Assistant Chief Thomas was selected to lead the Department’s security planning for a number of National Special Security Events, including the 55th Presidential Inauguration, and the 57th Presidential Inauguration.  He also commanded the USCP Field Force deployed for the 2016 Presidential Conventions in Cleveland, Ohio, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He was promoted to Deputy Chief in October 2013, and has served as the commander of the Uniformed Services Bureau and since December 2015, has served as commander of the Protective Services Bureau.  In June 2019, he was appointed to serve as the Acting Assistant Chief and Chief of Operations.  Assistant Chief Thomas is a graduate of the University of Maryland, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He attended the Police Executive Research Forum Senior Management Institute for Police Session 43 in July 2009.


Commander for the Command and Coordination Bureau:  
Deputy Chief Timothy A. Bowen

Deputy Chief Bowen joined the USCP in July 2003. He was assigned to the First Responders Unit until his selection to the Patrol Mobile Response Division (PMRD) in 2005. In March 2008, he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Capitol Division, then returned to PMRD in August 2011.  Promoted to Lieutenant in January 2012, he remained on PMRD serving as the Assistant Commander of CDU, Mass Arrest Coordinator, and Crash Investigation Team Commander.  In May 2014, he was assigned to the Dignitary Protection Division, where he led several Congressional delegation operations and initiated planning for the 2016 National Conventions until his promotion to Captain in August 2015.  In January 2016, he was assigned to the Investigations Division, leading the Division through the Republican and Democratic National Conventions and the Presidential Inauguration.  In June 2018, upon promotion to Inspector, he was assigned as the Commander of the Command Division within the Command and Coordination Bureau.  Since December 2018, he has served as Acting Commander of the Operational Services Bureau. 


Commander for the Training Services Bureau:  
Deputy Chief Jeffrey J. Pickett

Deputy Chief Pickett joined the USCP in October 1990.  As an officer, he was assigned to the Senate Division and the First Responders Unit.  In 1995, he was promoted to Sergeant and served in the House Division, First Responder Unit, and the Senate Chamber Section.  He was promoted to Lieutenant in January 1999, where he served as the section commander of four separate sections in the Capitol Division.  He later served in the Office of Human Resource Management and commanded the Department’s Inspection Division.  In his last assignment as a Lieutenant, he was responsible for creating the Vehicle Interdiction Group (VIG). In September 2004, he was promoted to Captain and served as a Watch Commander, and the Operations Commander for the Capitol and Senate Divisions.  He also served as Chief of Staff for the Chief of Operations and led the Department’s Manpower Management Task Force.  In January 2010, he was promoted to Inspector.  For the past nine years, he has held a number of assignments including serving as Commander of the Hazardous Incident Response Division, Dignitary Protection Division, and the Capitol Division.  Prior to his promotion to Deputy Chief, he has served as Commander of the Senate Division.  

“I want to congratulate these great commanders on their achievements, and I look forward to working with them in their new positions on the many aspects of our operations, and continuing to successfully carry out our mission to serve and protect the Congress and the U.S. Capitol,” noted Chief Sund.