U.S. Capitol Police Officer Named Officer of the Year by The National Exchange Club

June 17, 2008
Press Release
United States Capitol Police Chief Phillip D. Morse, Sr
Public Information Office  
119 D Street, NE  
Washington, D.C. 20510 Immediate
(202) 224-1677 June 17, 2008

The National Exchange Club is a service organization that promotes national pride and provides varying community services via local clubs across the United States. Each year, as a part of the organization’s crime and fire prevention community service activities, the local Exchange Club recognizes a law enforcement officer who has shown outstanding performance of duty with its prestigious Officer of the Year award. The individual who receives this award must display exemplary service, excellence in police duties, or perform an act of service displaying heroism at the risk to personal safety.

I am honored to announce that this year’s Exchange Club Officer of the Year is Officer Peter Geyer. Officer Geyer, who is assigned to the Senate Division, was nominated for this award by the USCP in recognition of his actions to maintain the security of the Capitol Complex in the face of an armed suspect.

On January 19, 2008, a lookout was broadcast for a suspect armed with a shotgun.  Upon observing an individual matching the suspect’s description, without hesitation or consideration for his own safety, Officer Geyer drew his service weapon and advanced to engage the suspect.  Officer Geyer verbally persuaded the subject to drop his weapon, and kept the suspect covered until assistance arrived.  The suspect was taken into custody without further incident.  There is no doubt that Officer Geyer’s quick and decisive intervention allowed the USCP to bring this incident to a successful conclusion. 

Please join me in congratulating Officer Peter Geyer.  His exceptional service exemplifies the values of our Department: Unflinching – Sincere – Courteous – Principled.
If there are any questions about these events or security procedures, you may contact the United States Capitol Police Public Information Office at 202-224-1677.

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  Prepared by:
  Sergeant Kimberly Schneider
  United States Capitol Police
  Public Information Officer