U.S. Capitol Police Stop Assault Rifle from Getting to Capitol Hill

April 14, 2023
Press Release

This morning the United States Capitol Police (USCP) stopped an assault rifle, with an extended magazine, before it reached Capitol Hill.

Just after 5:00 a.m, a USCP screening team spotted the gun, which was partially wrapped in a blanket in the back seat of a large Ford pick-up truck. The rifle was confiscated at an off-site delivery facility where the Department inspects delivery vehicles before they get to Capitol Grounds.

Although our investigators are still looking into this case, at this time, there is no evidence that shows this person was targeting the Congress or the Capitol Complex.

“Still, this serves as yet another reminder that all weapons are prohibited from Capitol Grounds,” said USCP Chief Tom Manger. “I thank our entire team at the off-site screening facility from stopping this gun before it came anywhere near the U.S. Capitol Complex.”

The driver, 57 year old Michael J. Donohue of Maryland is facing charges for Possession of an Unregistered Firearm, Possession of Unregistered Ammunition, and Unlawful Activity.

Last year, United States Capitol Police officers confiscated roughly 40 guns on or near Capitol Grounds – most of them from people driving through the area. Even if you have a gun that is legally registered in another state, it is still illegal to bring it on Capitol Grounds, which includes screening facilities like the one from this morning.