USCP Officers Arrest Man with Molotov Cocktails near Union Station

July 6, 2022
Press Release

This afternoon the United States Capitol Police took two Molotov cocktails, and the suspect in possession of them, off the streets.

Around 3:30 p.m., two USCP patrol officers received a report that someone had Molotov cocktails along Massachusetts Avenue, NW, just west of North Capitol Street.

According to the officers, the suspect threw one of the Molotov cocktails at the officers while the suspect was trying to light it. The suspect tried to get away, but the officers stopped him.

He then dropped the other Molotov cocktail that was made with a tequila bottle stuffed with a sock and a liquid later determined to be a petroleum based accelerant by the USCP Hazardous Material Response team.

“Both of our officers were treated for minor injuries. Thankfully they are going to be ok,” said acting Assistant Chief of Police for Uniformed Operations Sean Gallagher. “We appreciate their quick action that, without a doubt, kept the community safer.”

A backpack that had two other bottles of liquid were also recovered at the scene.

There is no indication the man was targeting the U.S. Capitol or Members of Congress.

It is also not believed the suspect was involved in any protests in the area.

The suspect is identified as 26-year old Bernard L. McCutcheon of Washington, DC.

He was charged with two counts Assault on a Police Officer, one count Possession of Molotov Cocktail, and one count Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

We are grateful for the assistance of the DC Metropolitan Police Department, DC Fire & EMS, and the ATF’s Washington Field Office.