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USCP Response to OIG Report #3

May 7, 2021

The United States Capitol Police has already taken significant steps to implement the recommendations detailed in the Office of Inspector General's (OIG) third flash report on counter-surveillance and threat assessments.

All recommended policy updates are being completed to reflect current practices and reference proper office names and equipment. The Department has documented training requirements for its agents and analysts. Information from field agents is now promptly distributed within the Department, including to the Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division, which provides threat warning information and analysis of intelligence.

Of the 10 most recent OIG recommendations, the Department believes the most impactful are those specific to increasing threat assessment manpower and restructuring the Department to establish a stand-alone counter-surveillance entity – both of which require resources and authorization.

As the Department has previously reported, the number of threats made against Congress has increased significantly. This year alone, there has been a 107% increase in threats against Members compared to 2020. Provided the unique threat environment we currently live in, the Department is confident the number of cases will continue to increase.

In its report, the OIG suggests the Department's Threat Assessment Section be similar to the United States Secret Service (USSS). In 2020, the USSS, which has more than 100 agents and analysts, had approximately 8,000 cases. During the same time period, the USCP, which has just over 30 agents and analysts, had approximately 9,000 cases.

The USCP agrees a stand-alone counter-surveillance unit would be valuable. However, in order to fully implement this recommendation, the Department would require additional resources for new employees, training, and vehicles as well as approval from Congressional stakeholders.

Finally, the Department agrees that it could be more reliant on the FBI for threat assessments. In fact, through its long-standing relationship with the Department of Justice, the Department has requested additional investigative and enhanced prosecution assistance.

As always, the Department greatly appreciates its partnership with the Office of the Inspector General. Since the events of January 6th, USCP leadership team has been working closely with Congressional oversight to seek the needed resources to implement the OIG's recommendations, as well as those from other reviews and assessments.