USCP Response to OIG Report #5

August 24, 2021
Press Release

The United States Capitol Police is addressing the recommendations detailed in the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) 5th flash report on the Command and Coordination Bureau (CCB), which included Officer’s Perspectives on Department-wide Command and Control.

The Department’s policies and procedures are being updated and a comprehensive training plan is being developed, to include FEMA courses and proficiency validations, which were delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The USCP has acknowledged there were communication gaps on January 6. Given the events of January 6th, the enormous amount of radio traffic that day was not surprising. Additionally, the size and magnitude of January 6 made it difficult to respond to each officer’s emergency radio broadcast in real-time.     

Since then, the Department has been working to improve the effectiveness of communication during critical incidents, to include the development of new and improved policies, practices and procedures for monitoring emergency signals as well as communication with our local and federal law enforcement partners.

It should be noted, in order to limit radio traffic, the command staff used cell phones on January 6 to communicate orders through the chain of command. The Department had issued smart phones to all of its sworn personnel to improve communication.

The USCP also brought on a retired Secret Service agent with extensive experience in major event and National Special Security Event (NSSE) planning to help oversee the Department’s new, robust Department-wide operational planning process. Comprehensive plans are now being created before major events.

One of the priorities of the new Chief of Police is to boost morale by engaging with the officers, attending roll calls, and working to ensure they have proper training and equipment.

The United States Capitol Police welcomes all reviews into January 6, and Department leadership is answering the call for change to ensure a violent attack like that never happens again.

The team is thankful for its partnership with the Office of Inspector General and the Congress. Their hard work is integral for improving the Department.