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USCP Response to OIG Report #7

October 20, 2021
Press Release

The United States Capitol Police is already working to address the recommendations detailed in the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG’s) 7th flash report about the January 6 attack.

The report focuses on the Dignitary Protection Division (DPD), as well as the Department’s Human Capital.

The USCP is grateful the OIG acknowledged the Dignitary Protection Division’s “planning and evacuation of Members of Congress was exceptional” on January 6. “All of the Congressional protectees under DPD responsibility were safely evacuated,” the Inspector General reported.

The Dignitary Protection Division always has several plans in place to deal with a myriad of issues. One of those plans was activated on January 6 and allowed for the successful evacuation.

On January 6, Department leadership quickly ordered DPD vehicles to safer locations and away from the crowded plaza. The decision was a critical step in the chain of events that ended with the successful evacuation of Congressional Leaders.

The Department is working diligently to provide agents with the best equipment and training, so they can safely carry out our critical mission.

The USCP would welcome additional training staff as well as a larger training facility that would better accommodate the Department’s large size and mission.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the biggest obstacles to joint training exercises with other USCP sections and divisions. The Dignitary Protection Division and the Containment and Emergency Response Team (CERT) have trained together before the pandemic.

Since January 6, the USCP created a new Department-wide operational planning process. We have already made major changes as evident by the detailed planning for September 18. The event was a valuable test of our new methods to prepare for events. We had clearly defined roles for responding agencies, pre-determine rally points and developed protocols for swearing-in responding agencies.

Out of the Department’s approximately 1800 sworn employees, nearly 1460 were on site and working on January 6. The Department’s other operational elements, which include operations at locations not on Capitol grounds, also must continue to operate.  Less than 50 sworn employees were working off-site on January 6.  Many of the sworn employees who did not work on January 6 were unavailable due to injuries, COVID-19, or leave such as Family Medical Leave or Military Leave.  While the Department restricted leave for this event, it did not cancel leave for sworn employees who had submitted leave requests that were approved months in advance of January 6.

Department leaders are grateful for the support shown by the Congress in passing the Emergency Security Supplemental Act of 2021, which helped the Department further address the OIG’s recommendations to carry out our critical mission, including additional equipment and personnel. The United States Capitol Police welcomes all reviews into the January 6 attack and is answering the call for change.