The USCP’s Response to the Inspector General’s Testimony

December 7, 2021
Press Release

The United States Capitol Police agrees with the Inspector General that the Department must continue to improve and expand its intelligence and protective capabilities. This is vital for carrying out our critical mission.

Training is a top priority. We are working diligently to address staffing shortages in order to provide officers more time for additional training.

Although there is more work to do, the Department has made immense progress in first addressing the specific failures that led to the January 6 attack, such as improving the way the USCP gathers, analyzes and distributes intelligence, professionalizing major event planning, implementing joint exercises ahead of events, conducting in-person briefings for uniformed officers prior to events, developing a process to get assistance from partnering agencies, Ordering additional equipment, holding dozens of training sessions, expanding the Wellness Division, and adding a new external communication plan to improve the speed and accuracy of information for the public and journalists.

These improvements are due to the hard work of our loyal employees and support from our dedicated Congressional stakeholders.

Here are the USCP responses to the OIG’s last three flash reports, which were mentioned during today’s hearing:

USCP Response to OIG Report #7

USCP Response to OIG Report #6

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